Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Data

The personal data provided by client to the Company and inany documentation which comes into existence as a result of client’s opening ormaintaining of the Account with the Company, will be used by the Company forthe following purposes:-

(a) activities relating to the processing of client’sapplication to open and maintain the Account, including but not limited toconducting credit reporting through credit report agencies both in  Hong Kong SAR and overseas, or theprocessing of client’s application for grant of credit or margin facilities bythe Company or the maintaining and the review of such credit or marginfacilities (if applicable);

(b) activities relating to purchasing, selling, investing,exchanging, acquiring, holding, disposing of and generally dealing in and withall kinds of securities on behalf of client;

(c) maintenance of particulars and data in compliance withthe statutes and subsidiary legislation which are enacted and effective in Hong Kong SAR relating to securities businessand transactions and also in compliance with the codes and regulations of therelevant regulators, the rules and regulations of any Exchange and the ClearingHouse.

2. Obligation to provide personal data

2.1 It is obligatory for client to supply the personal dataas required by the Company.  If client fails to supply the requiredpersonal data, the Company may refuse to open or maintain the Account or mayrefuse to provide services to client.

2.2 When providing any personal data to the Company, pleaseensure that the data is accurate having regard to client’s obligations underthe law.

3. Disclosure of Information

3.1 The Company may, as it deems necessary, disclose to itsagents or nominees, associates, individuals or corporations dealing withsecurities, futures and options clearing and the Company’s auditors suchinformation as it requires to operate client’s account or execute client’s ordersrelating to the activities described in 1(b) above.

3.2 In compliance with any statute and subsidiarylegislation which are enacted and effective in HongKong SAR relating to securities business and transactions and also incompliance with the codes of SFC, the rules and regulations of the Exchange andthe Clearing House, the personal data provided by client may be disclosed tothe Exchange and the Clearing House and any financial regulator, governmentbodies, other regulatory authorities, individuals or corporations who have theright to such data and information as prescribed by law.

3.3 The Company is authorized to use information providedin connection with the Account for marketing purposes, including the exchangeof non-financial information with selected business partner.  If theAccount is in default, the Company is authorized to disclose information aboutthe Account to third party debt collection agencies.  The Company isauthorized to disclose information about the Account to potential purchaser forthe purpose of due diligence in relation to a merger or acquisition.

4. Access to Personal Data

4.  In accordance with the law, client may requestaccess to the personal data supplied by client and may request the Company tocorrect any inaccurate data.  The Company shall be entitled to charge areasonable fee for processing of any data access request.

5. Enquiries

5.  Enquiries concerning the personal data provided byclient to the Company, including the request for access and corrections, shouldbe addressed to:-

The Privacy Officer

Revision Date

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